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But he's very witty. He likes to crack pun jokes and he enjoys brain teasers. He's quite a shy guy! So I think this stereotype of Malays doesn't apply to him. I do feel this warmth when I was first introduced to his extended family. They're so friendly and it really help that most of his close cousins are around our age so we hit off on my first visit to his family gathering!

I see the kampung spirit even more during weddings. Everyone will just chip in to help, no matter how small or big. Pack gifts la, prepare food la, gather family members, etc. It's really heartwarming, honestly. And during the Hari Raya period. I love going to his Auntie's for a feast!! It's really nice to see them families all so close-knitted. At least for my Chinese side, I don't feel that tight bond as Mister's side of family. This is how I look or feel like when I'm at his family gatherings. I don't know what they talk about most of the time due to my limited Malay and I could only pick up a few vocab.

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I blame Mister for not talking to me in Malay more often. When they re-tell the jokes to me, it wasn't as funny as when it's cracked in Malay la. Same for us Chinese! So yes, we do have these moments sometimes. There's some truth in that. He doesn't like to gan jeong or rush for things.

Not sure if it's attributed by his introvert nature or not, but this is something we had conflicts about when we first started dating. Over time, we kinda balanced out our pattern. Like he will plan more stuff to fill up our day, weeks, months and I learnt to take things a bit more easy.

He is always on time though. He hates lateness, like me. So I guess it boils down to character? My tolerance for spiciness is quite high before I met Mister but I don't deny that after meeting him, my tolerance increased even more! But Chili padi I still kanut. Which amaze me every time. And after eating at his Aunt's few years back, I start to love Ayam masak Merah! Mister and me in terms of our skin colour. What it once was, dating them.

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How it's like dating a Malay

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Eh no, probably no malay girls likes me before,so i dont have any interest to try and be with them, i was educated in chinese school, and somehow my interest is toward chinese girls. Careful bro, if too old, no market value then become forever alone how hahaha. Not the first time hearing such a story and it won't be the last either.

Chinese guy dating korean girl

Coming from a similar background, I married overseas. She doesn't need to convert and neither will we play by their rules over there any longer: Of course with your current circumstances I'm not asking you to do the same. I agree with the rest though, pursue education and build a strong foundation. Right will come along in life later. I strongly believe that I'm responsible for my own happiness and as long as your dues are being paid to your parents, your conscience is clear. Bro, sorry for being straightforward Why is she keep starving herself?

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  4. Where did she spent with her salary?? I don't think she is good for you. With her, you keep paying her money and increasing your debt. Move on la bro. Dont care about the religions, there are tons of good woman out there.. Hi Bro I may have a a way out for you if you don't mind please contact me on My friend, hope this helps, I was in a relationship with a chinese Buddist girl before, 5 years, took alot of time for her parents to accept it, not including the other relatives but it too, ended.

    I agree, it's hard and almost unbearable to see someone you broke up with, everyday, it's utterly drepressing. You did good by helping her, even when you don't have much.

    Not everyone can say that they would. Like you, I too, don't favour malay girls, just my preference. And now I'm in another relationship, a Christian girl. From that, I can say, these kind of relationship takes hard work, lots of convincing but for me, I feel that it's worth it.

    I hope you find someone you like, regardless of race, I would say go ahead. Although you are right, convincing the partner to convert is something not to be taken lightly, when they convert, they do it for you, and you're responsible for them. As for your job, work is still work, I once, go 6 month without a job, but I'm now blessed with a job which pays well, although I might not like it very much, but I do it with my all, for those who I care for, family, partner.

    I believe your time will come too, one day. For the time being, don't give up, hope you get back on your feet soon. We're here for you,. I feel for you brother.. What is meant for you will eventually come to you.. I also not so in with Chinese gul I fell for non Chinese twice but I not going to confess or start any romantic relationship as mum side has given an early warning against interracial relationship: First crush is always unforgettable. I can understand your feeling. It took me around three months to get back on my feet. I'm now blessed with another good girl.

    So, move on if you don't have a choice. I know it is painful. May God bless you. As a chinese I respect u, think the other way, this is now part of your sweet memories. U need to move on. Don't listen to much to love songs that says love conquers all. Nov 17 , Try to get a job first bro.

    Think of your future first la. Do you think she wanna stay with you when you're unemployed? Why are you even questioning his preference? If he happens to love someone not of his common race, why would you try to find solution as to why he's not into Malays? I'm worst than his case. I don't want to date Malaysians. I'm just curious as in how can one simply doesn't appeal to a whole race.

    Malaysian netizens fume over ‘shallow’, stereotypical article on Chinese women

    To be frank, even sometime I find certain minachi to be attractive as well. However don't be too sad bro, there is always better things ahead. I also have a Malay friend who is also well versed in Chinese mainly because he studied in Chinese primary school as well.