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Zodiacs 6 Posted 27 August - Zodiacs 9 Posted 27 August - Balc0ra 12 Posted 27 August - For some reason this never made it to 9. No HD model for it either.

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Draqutsc 13 Posted 27 August - It definitely needs a rebalance. It is way worse that the t On paper it looks better, but the turret armor is absolute garbage. The accuracy is way worse and the aiming time is horrendous, the hidden gun stats are also horrible. Sure it has better dpm, but you can't hit anything with it.

It's camo values are also way worse. The only thing it has going for it, is its preferential match making. T owners could easily have bought the defender or Skorpion G. Lentomies1 17 Posted 28 August - I love my T It has decent turret armor, a weird non-sense gun and ok hull armor.

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I used to play it until a T59 dropped. Its gun is good because of the mm caliber, which can overmatch Swedish TDs that this tank will meet, along with other stuff. It will mean people who don't have it won't be able to buy it anymore. Yours will still be available to help you survive. Azgabast, on 16 March - Kurat, on 16 March - I played the T quite a lot and got my marks up to 3, and I can confirm that this tank is heavily outperformed by almost all tier 8 mediums, the T and variants basically outclassing it completely.

Please, take a look at this tank that got left behind completely and give it more options to take advantage of its tiny size and speed. Just confirming that this is correct.

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It simply means that it will only be available for special occasions from now on. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: T Started by Community , Mar 16 Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Type 59 Damage 6.

T-34-3 Rebalance

T Damage 7. Going off of the comparison above the T is on par with both the Type 59 and T in most areas aside from accuracy and aiming time. All three tanks have similar damage per minute DPM and penetration which is surprising since the T has a significant advantage in the damage per round area. On the hull the T has 90mm across the upper frontal glacis and 70mm on the lower frontal glacis. Its turret front is covered mostly by mm thick armor with the weaker hatches on top being protected by mm of armor.

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This gives the T the ability to bounce most shells thrown at it aside from the lower glacis by tier 7 and under tanks. Below the T is compared to the Type 59 and T in the hull armor and turret armor areas. The clear winner here is the Type 59 when you go off of raw thickness and the T is far behind its peers. The T however has almost the same effective armor on its frontal glacis as the Type 59 due to its slope and overall the difference is negligible.

For a tier 8 medium tank the T has armor closer to a heavy tank across the front which gives it added protection as it gets in close to do its damage. Due to its above average armor for a medium tank the T does struggle with mobility in some areas compared to the standard T The T weighs close to The engine only being horsepower does prevent it from climbing slopes at a fast pace due to its weight. When you take everything into account the T moves well considering its thick armor, but it struggles when it comes to climbing hills and accelerating.

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Going off of the comparison above you can see that the T is clearly the most mobile tank of the bunch due to its lighter weight, better engine, and better terrain resistance.